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Men’s Growth/Therapy Group.

I am offering a Men's Growth and Therapy Group specifically designed for men seeking greater self-understanding and more satisfying personal relationships. The format includes education and discussion about men's issues within the context of mutual support and interpersonal process (i.e., what is happening right here and right now in this immediate moment).

What is an interpersonal men’s therapy group?

An interpersonal therapy group is a group of people (usually 6 - 8 people) who meet together weekly with a therapist to work through relational issues that lead to psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships. Each group session lasts for 90 minutes.

What are some reasons why a person may join an interpersonal therapy group?

Men who join an interpersonal therapy group usually want to be able to relate better with others and to feel better about themselves. Reasons for joining group include:

  • Often feeling angry, frustrated, or dissatisfied in relationships
  • Having difficulty trusting others
  • Struggling to forge close (or meaningful) relationships
  • Feeling that one often has to please others
  • Relying on alcohol or drugs to socialize
  • Struggling to communicate one’s thoughts, feelings, and needs directly
  • Being controlling (or easily controlled) in relationships
  • Feeling that one’s relationships are shallow
  • Experiencing anxiety in social situations
  • Frequently experiencing loneliness
  • Manipulating others to get one’s needs met
  • Having trouble with self-esteem

While not exhaustive, this list is intended to capture the broad range of issues that might lead one to join an interpersonal group.  

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